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No one imaginative characteristic can transform your writing as transiently as color. Spending thousands of words over describing a scene, when a single color is all it takes to burst the scene upon the reader’s eye with perfect clarity.
Authors can often categorize characters through the colors with which they surround themselves. The color could set the mood of the scene.

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Creative Projects

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Questions or statements you might ask yourself before starting a creative project. Whether it be an art project or a writing one.

(1) How to get your creative juices flowing

(2) Seeing where your imagination takes you

(3) How to work on an idea

(4) Interpretation of a subject

(5) Variations you can create

(6) A unique personal expression from your creative subconscious

(7) Spontaneity

(8) Keeping it simple

(9) Creating new solutions

Joyous Season

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Christmas is the time of year of hope and joy.
Young and old are smiling from ear to ear.
Trying to stay awake to get a glimpse of his jolly round face.
Morning comes and the gifts are under the tree, we realize he arrived.
How did we miss him again this year?
Like that night long ago, the Star of Bethlehem revealed the birth of the child.
Not all believe, but like that child we never seen we hope for the best.
Right now, the earth needs peace, hope and joy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Writing Tips

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1. When writing have a specific technique. Make it be deliberate.
2. Stay focus on what is important.
3. Give yourself deadlines.
4. You need feedback and constructive criticism from other writers.

NJSCBWI Fall Craft Weekend


NJSCBWI Fall Craft Weekend
Nov 12 & 13, 2016. Stuart Hall, Princeton Theological Seminary.
64 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ.

Writing for Children

1) Children will read more than adults will
2) Writing a children’s book is very enlightening
3) A number of movies come from children’s books
4) Our writing tips and strategies are welcome by schools and companies
5) Children’s books are not easy to write – but very enjoyable to write
6) The plot can be silly or serious
7)Create system for writing down ideas and images

Tips for Beginning Writers

Eastern Europe 1656

When your manuscript is ready you need to
First write the perfect query letter and target just the right publisher or agent
Second read submissions guidelines
Third research
and Fourth persistence doesn’t mean you will get publish, but if you give up you won’t be published

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