Light and Shadow


All objects of nature are made visible to the sight by the light of the sun shinning upon them. We see their color and texture more apparent in the light area.

The shadow planes will be those planes lying in or beyond the direction of light so that  the original source cannot reach them.

Break up your design into two groups. The object is to make all the lighted areas hold together as one group, as opposed to the shadow areas as another group. If the values of the two groups are not thus separated and held apart, the subject loses solidity and form and becomes visually confusing even if it is drawn very well. This is where most paintings fall apart. A safe approach is to make all the areas in the light a little lighter than you think you see them, and all areas in the shadow a little darker. If you break the two groups apart in your pencil sketch than you can refine in the painting stage. Sometimes it helps me to use black paper and draw with a white pencil the lights to see the light better. Also take your painting into a low lighted room and look at the values. Color sometimes confuses your values. The image should be able to work in black and white first or color is pointless.


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