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I thought, I talk about something different.
3 focal points for optimum health
1) Address imbalances before it becomes a disease
2) Teach patients how to eat and follow a good routine and teach patients good detox
3) Meditation Is Key
Keep immune system strong with: healthy diet, amla, zinc, vitamin D and early bedtime. Also keep friendly bacteria intact
3 Golden Rules
1) Do not be tempted to go for quick fix
2) Keep Inflammation down by diet, friendly bacteria and liver
Inflammation is the root of a number of things – onions, garlic, vinegar and hot spices can contribute to inflammation that is why a balance diet is very important – inflammation comes from the gut and the liver – the stomach has one flame but the liver has five flames
3) Lack of friendly bacteria – synthetic vitamins can back up on you – antibiotics get deplete good bacteria—depression also develop from a lack of good bacteria also hyper activity – thyroid problems – Garlic and onion kills friendly bacteria — Vitamin D and magnesium do not take supplements (poison to your system) — the rate of autism in children has skyrocket
Heavy metals through bad diets will accumulate into your system – for example candy contains metal and if you consume numerous amounts, your body will absorb these metals – your body will also crave sugar – flu shot contains 25 micrograms of mercury (metal)
We have an epidemic of food allergies – fix the gut and the food sensitivity will go away
Guduchi also known as Amrit or Divine nectar (cleans the bone marrow)
Things you need to do:
Alkaline diet is best for you
Nourish the fat tissue and nervous system – ghee you should cook with and use as butter (Mum’s Ghee is excellent), olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds – rub oil on skin
Nourish the brain with good fats – brain made of cholesterol –avoid cholesterol medicine
Meditation helps balance brain waves –apply oil to head to keep it nourish
The saying early to bed and early to rise definitely is true for good health. Our everyday schedules can be trying.
Dr. Teitelbaum presentation on Ayurveda • July 11, 2014, Fairfield, Iowa


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