Working In Pen and Ink


When I work a freelance job overseas. I usually work in Pen and Ink; I choose a focal point when drawing on the bus as the bus is moving from one town to the other. I basically keep my pen down on the paper and draw in what I can see. I have great peripheral vision from working this way.
The landscape from one town to another or from one country to another does not change much. Some of my traveling bus drawing could be from miles and they all fit together. I am always amazed how the finish drawing works out. You basically capture the essence of a place more deeply, and make fewer mistake. The results of urban sketching are how the finish drawing comes to life on your paper.
I always pack a few sketchbooks and a small watercolor pad. I also have a few loose larger pieces of watercolor 140 weight cold press paper. The quick sketches I usually tint with a little watercolor.
I bring along a number of pen sizes and usually black and umber tones. I found this new fountain pen I never tried. I had fun playing with this new toy. I could have worked thin or very thick lines depending on how much pressure my hand worked on the paper. You could see this in the image of my drawing of Assisi.


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