How About Watercolor Brushes?

Broadway I

Having the right tools is beneficial when painting with watercolor. My blog before was choosing watercolor paper how about what brushes should I buy.

Brushes are very critical in painting a successful painting. I do not mean go out and buy numerous expenses brushes. You should have at least two or three good brushes. My preference is a good brush to lay down a wash, and a good ½” square flat brush.
A good brush will hold and releases the water. If you can the ½” brush can be made from sable or a good synthetic blend. This is also personal preference. As you become a more experience watercolor painter this will become easier.
Remember a well-made brush from a reliable company will last a long time as long as you take good care of your brushes. Which is common sense with anything we buy.
Always remember your brush choice is important, but there are no magic brushes that will help you paint a masterpiece.
As with anything in life practice, practice, practice.


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