Watercolor Washes

Cathedral in Milan

Hard Waterlines
This can happen when applying water to a dry area and the pigment goes to the edge and creates hard-line. To correct soften the edge with a little water and glaze over the area.

Grainy Washes

Dust particulars can dry into your open palette causing pigments to add texture to your paper. If this occurs use your clean damp brush to flatten the sediment in the wash.

Warping and Buckling Paper

Watercolor tends to pool and create a puddle of water causing warping and buckling. Be careful on how much water you use. Move water evenly, in order not to create unwanted lines.

Excess Water
Paper towel or tissue comes in handy when there is excess water. Using natural-hair brush is more absorbent than synthetic brushes.

Backwashes and Blooming
Sometimes there are “happy accidents,” but they can also be a disaster. If your painting is too wet, let area dry to damp and even out the pigment.


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