Watercolor Painitng


Learn to capture light in pure pigment with these watercolors. First, learn about warm and cool colors, and how confining your choices to only a certain part of the color wheel (similar colors) can lead to a harmonious painting. Then paint layering and blending colors and working light to dark using various painting techniques and strokes. With different subject matter, you’ll learn how to paint landscape art.
Following the landscape learn how light wraps around a spherical object, creating form through light, shadows and value in a quick value study. Then demonstrate composing a dramatic still life by illuminating apples on a piece of glass.
Next paint a figure in watercolor, for example, a pose of a man or woman sitting in the light, demonstrating how to simplify the image to make it easy to paint accurately. This will help you learn how to paint the light and shadows to give form and depth, as well as capture the gesture and life of the subject. With each step, you’ll learn painting techniques, techniques for composition, and more, to paint a figure, start to finish.


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