Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books


Balance your childhood with that of the children you now know.

Your inspiration for your children’s story likely comes from your own childhood. You need to get into the mind of your young self is key. Real-life emotions will help you to build out your story. Observing present situations will also offer a perspective of how children react to their feelings. This may have changed based on societal influences since your childhood.

Research the children’s book market. Learn a little bit about which books have succeeded and why. You need to get in the heads of the kids and really understand the key emotional triggers for that age group. Focus on the illustrations is another key factor. They need to be consistent. Children respond to the details in images, so if the main character is wearing a red had and later ends up wearing a blue hat, a child will notice and be confused about the inconsistency. The best children’s books have stories and characters that are relatable and visually memorable.

The child needs to have a character that they relate to. This is a very vital element for a successful children’s book.   The creation of illustrating children’s books is the ability to tell stories and convey messages through both words and pictures.


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