Painting Composition and Design


Painting composition and design is sometimes called “disegno”. This term was derived from Renaissance art which interprets both design and drawing, which decodes the artist’s idea of what he is creating as well as executing. This ties the formal painting design elements into a fluent whole.
These ties of formal elements include: Line, Shape/Mass, Colour, Volume/Space, Time/Movement.
(1) Line covers everything from basic outlines and contours, to edges of tone and color. Linework injects the relationship between adjacent or remote elements and areas of the painting surface, and their relative of movement or unmoving.
(2) Shape and Mass includes the various different areas of color, tone and texture, together with any specific images therein. The arrangement around geometric shapes. How you emphasize certain areas of the composition with negative space.
(3) Color can be used in a purely descriptive way or convey emotional moods, or enhance perspective. Color can be exploited by contrast notably in the technique of chiaroscuro.
(4) The elements of Volume and Space are concerned with how the painter creates depth and spatial relationships within the flat surface of the picture. A traditional painter will create this by deploying the concept of linear perspective. The techniques created by the illusion of foreshortening. Others may show a natural relationship to each other by expressing the angles of certain characteristic features.
(5) How the viewer’s eye is allowed to experience the picture, in terms of speed and direction shows the elements of Time and Movement.


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