Drawing the Human Body


The human figure is a very challenging feat to draw in perspective, but once you accomplished what a great achievement. No two shapes are the same. Drawing is about what you see. You are forced to look closely in order to figure out the perspective. This also helps you to understand what you are seeing.
There is no particular formula in drawing but there are steps; such as, to visually measure the subject from head to feet.
1. make a mark from the head to the feet on the paper
2. draw a line from the shoulders to the waist
3. after these lines are implied, the structure can be planned out
4. remember you are drawing shapes (think geometric shapes)
5. Now with the basic proportions defined on the surface, you can draw the contour lines of the figure
6. Detail of the figure can be described through the addition of a range of value
7. Foreshortening if done correctly creates the illusion of space and form in the drawing. The point of view in other words the angles where foreshortening can occur.

Note: Always keep in mind the position of the figure and the vantage point of the viewer will help you figure the location of these lines, especially if the figure is foreshortened.


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