Vive La France

French FlagStaring up I see the flag so elegantly laid upon our land.

She flies and I can see the sun, glisten off her sewed hand.
Many have died, but those who lived saw the glory of our home land.
As once it fell, it again began, the story of this gorgeous flag.

Monarchy has fallen hard, it’s remnants just a memory.
We have prevailed over corrupt, and today we are reminded of our destiny.
We are the strong, not the weak.
The ideal of our unity.

Trigger happy soldiers tried, to shelter us, keep us hidden.
Now our flag is held high, blazing in the French Skies.
Where one peasant stood, I find myself.
Staring at the same sweet stars.

Fire works fill the air, with the cracks that gun shots once made.
I wonder if this was where, the French flag flew that day.
Was the Arc De triomphe a symbol as it is today?

My heart flies above it with the flag.
Floating and remembering this gorgeous land.
It has wavered but has not fallen.
For this is eternal, this flag of ours.

Our independence, is a requiem that is bold.

Long live France.

Long live Liberty, Equality and fraternity.

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