Creating Art

Cathedral in Milan

1) Practice Makes Perfect
2) Presenting your ideas and designs gives you the opportunity to sell yourself as a creative component where you are presenting work, you are also telling the story of how and why you created
3) Some artists will remain objective about their designs; because they believe that taking undecided stance is better it will give the client space for their needs. Where others rather give their expert opinion in the design field isn’t this why you want to be hired. Hopefully this is why your client hired you to solve challenges because you understand how to visually communicate.
4) Never end a presentation with those four dreaded words, “What do you think?” These types of questions are disastrous for many reasons, the one most important being too vague.
5) Your grammar and spelling are spot on
6) Confidence a keyfactor
7) When presenting your ideas the more natural and comfortable you appear will ensure a positive note


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