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Winslow Homer at one time remarked to a travelers question, “I paint what I see”. I always though everyone sees what I see, but we all perceive everything differently.
Every artist makes adjustments in their work to fit the concept of what they are trying to accomplish, whether that be for a client or their own personal work. Mario Cooper always said, “Do not become a slave of nature”? You can draw from life but to make a strong composition you need to make adjustments. For example two artist could draw the same image and come up with two totally different views.
When looking at nature there is so much that you don’t see at first glance. You need to be very observant and take the time to digest what you see. You should move around to find the best views and the best light. Let your eyes roam around the entire scene. Everything relates. There is a mutual interaction between line, color, and form. You need to look at the entire picture as a whole not one particular part.
Lighting can make a big difference natural lighting coming from a window I feel is easier to understand a value study within a composition.
Since color can stress or tame areas in a painting, you must select and place your colors with care. I purposely add a warm color and place it next to a cooler color to develop a connection between areas. I work a strong band with in my painting whether it be dark or just the white of the paper.
As I said before those initial sketches are very important. They are the basis for the pencil drawing on the watercolor paper.

Paris Streetscene



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