Leaving Avila


My work is planned but plans can be changed so I need to be open for the unexpected. I process my ideas extensively and evaluate them for a future art work whether that be a painting, illustration or 3 dimensional form. An inspiration can call for a number of different kinds of expression. Once I choose an idea I work many studies, which are very presided. They alone could be a very beautiful pieces of art. I always look at references wherever books, magazines, anything else I could get my hands on. Research is very important! My scribbles are even very important to me. It all means something. All this research and work help me get to the finish piece.

Paris scribbles

I studied with Mario Cooper who approach a large painting like a mural; he would work on one part at a time. I myself look at the whole picture and place one color I am using throughout the entire painting. When I am looking at the entire work I see where I want the color and paint that color completely before beginning the next.

My compositions are very strong. I keep things simple and I’m very selective. Again I’have learn this from Mario less is more. I spoke about this before that collage is very helpful in creating pattern. My painting titled “Broadway”is a great example.(View painting “Broadway” blog “Big City, Big Color”)  It is a very dramatic street scene. You can see how collage help create the dramatic and unique patterns throughout.

Southwest Art Magazine November


Cathedral In Milan (view painting in blog ABOUT)

included in the above November issue of Southwest Art


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