A Lesson In Sketching In The Rain

As I am sitting at the neighborhood Café enjoying my latte and croissant I  illustrated  this rainy morning scene.

Blog 8 Paris rain sketch.

The initial drawing is a quick sketch in pencil of the rainy morning in Paris.  I do very quick sketches before I decide on the one I will place some color too. Like anything else at first I will complete a number of free hand drawings some tight and some very loose.A simple value study helps me determine how I want to place shapes and values. I arrange my  dark and light values, linking them together. I transform the scene into an interesting composition and simplify the image.
When working with the same art director, you become more confident you will be more likely to get away with “sketch shorthand” because they are starting to understand what your final work will look like, even from viewing a rough sketch.
This is what I showed the art director my initial black and white drawing and color layers I was going to use for the final vignette

Paris StreetsceneThe Color Study

 As a painter of urban streets, I enjoy painting rainy days. There is a sense of excitement over these weather conditions.  There’s a dramatic atmosphere that an artist can capture as the rain drops create reflections in the puddles. Like a chef adding their special ingredients to the recipe.


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    Oct 29, 2014 @ 12:00:07

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    Drawing lesson of how I approach sketching in the rain.



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