Working Out Problems

The Outdoor Market

The most trying and noteworthy question that challenges me in art is to put into graphic form the inspiration, emotions, reactions, and passion that flows through my brain. As in music you can build up to a climax, just as a poet can stimulate your imagination and awaken boundless feelings before you reach the end of the poem. It seems that music and literature develop their complete capacity at a slower pace. It takes more than one sentence to understand a novel and more than one chord to hear a prelude. Now in art, your idea must be said fully in order to understand. You can’t build up to it; it’s got to be all at once.
So the root of the problem lies in dealing with what I see. This is why my subject is very important, once I decide on the subject; I can put aside all emotions and proceed as if I were working a mathematical problem. Division of space and color; is where my decision comes into play.
Throughout all my art work geometry is a large part of my composition. How I use perspective and measuring to create space and pattern. There is always a band of detail in my work as you can see in the painting titled “The Outdoor Market”. This band is the focal point of my work. These elements are how I go about creating and designing my work whether that be a painting, drawing, or collage. Even my 3 dimensional work I incorporate these fundamentals as you can see in my 3D mask of the train. I built this model train out of cardboard and research locomotives as if I were building the real thing.




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