The Visual Journal

cafe scene PragueVisual Journaling proposes a simple intuitive approach to connect with your artistic spirit, seize your emotions and thoughts, retrieve inner knowledge, record life’s special moments, and anticipate your possibilities. Many artists have a sketch book with them at all times as a resource. This journal enriches their work and becomes a key factor in developing new work. You can create and work in your own environment anywhere in the world.

Streetscene ink drawing1

I carry my sketch book everywhere. I draw where ever I happen to be. As an artist I will travel to help me think through an artwork or to be inspired for a new creation. This is where the visual journal becomes the important key that helps unlock your artistic secrets. This is the diary of visual stories. Carrying that energy of line to design fresher and crisper drawings.

streetscene ink drawing

The pen and ink is a good medium to refine ideas you are planning. Layering, composition, enhancing forms, creating mood and adding the unexpected in the studio and in the field will encourage you to discover unique point of view and to refresh your artistic vision by exploring new places. Ink washes builds tone and texture which shows such elegance as if it were a sonata. Tones are easy to perceive and comprehend. These sketches open up ideas that could possibly assist you later when working in the studio.

Vienna Cafe


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  1. Christine
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 17:23:07

    I think the visual journal is a great tool to capture the beauty of the world we see and transfer it onto paper as a beautiful work of art for all to enjoy.



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