Timeless Rosary

When I illustrated the book “The Timeless Rosary”, I was only asked to create images on the corners of the diamond depicting the mysteries of the rosary. I created the images using mixed medium. I chose collage as the primary source enhancing with ink and paint. My reasons for using collage as my primary medium was throughout the ages religious artwork has been produced over and over again and I wanted my work to be as original as possible. As you can see in the illustration of the Fourth Mystery of the Rosary. The colors I chose were keeping with the theme. Even though the rosary is a large part of the catholic religion the images illustrated are of Judaism. As you can see in the unique and elaborate vestment of the High Priest collage created such an elegant design. The composition takes a life of its own. The use of collage creates pictures within pictures. Sometimes you as the artist do not realize this until the finish piece is complete.
Collage as a medium takes a life of its own. You can create your own patterns and cut them up or just find a magazine with the tones you need to create your design. You could enhance your piece with materials, such as; lace to add to the trim of a garment to create a three dimensional effect. You can essentially incorporate almost anything into your composition that is why individuals of all ages enjoy creating with collage.
By assembling different forms creating a whole new image whether using magazine, newspapers, paint or just pieces of colored handmade paper. Text, photographs and other found objects can be glued on paper or canvas to enhance your design.
In the beginning of the 20th century two master artist George Braque and Pablo Picasso coined the term “coller” when collage became a unique component of modern art.



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